Pug puppy curtain tieback crochet pattern

by admin

Now one thing that you know i am addicted to is crochet…but the other that i can’t get enough of is my pet pug Star.

Today is national ‘Love your pet’ day!  I know…I love my pet everyday! But for the occasion i wanted to release my new pug puppy curtain tieback crochet pattern.

I’ve been working on this crochet pattern for a while now – trying to get the right yarn type for her coloring, deciding on which materials to use best for her eyes, how to re create her oh so cute wrinkles on her face, whilst still keeping the simplicity and cuteness to the project.

You can download my pattern here in my Plumalicious online shop or via my Etsy store.

For this project I used worsted weight yarn, with a 3mm crochet hook.

I think that her eyes are her main feature, so i wanted to achieve the right look.  For this i used 12mm black safety eyes and coloured felt to create the sad puppy eye effect.  For the markings i used soft pastel chalks.

My monkey tieback pattern is still a favorite, but this project is now up there with it and very close to my heart!

Check out Star’s reaction to her!!!  Follow Star on her instagram account!

Love you Star!x